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Under the skin of Aston Hill-Lovelo MTB racing team

Under the skin of Aston Hill-Lovelo MTB racing team

Team Aston Hill is a regular fixture on the UK downhill circuit these days. But this year’s group of full-throttle riders comes with a new name, Aston Hill-Lovelo.

This is a team that trains at one of England’s most demanding downhill centres - and it shows.

Aston Hill-Lovelo are strong in depth, with a membership spanning from Youth right the way to Grand Veteran categories. And after early-season podiums at the National Downhill Series, expectations are at an all-time high.

“My personal ambition is to be on the podium at every round of the British National Series,” says team manager Joe Killner. “As for the team, I would like the same for them, but mainly I want to see our riders progress, push themselves and enjoy it.”

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