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Mudhugger ambassador's NX2's Connor Smith & Mark Taylor take on Fort Bill and live to tell the tale. Great results lads!

Mudhugger ambassador's NX2's Connor Smith & Mark Taylor take on Fort Bill and live to tell the tale. Great results lads!

Fort William... what a track! We headed up there on Thursday and got there late at night. Then was the first day of practice on the Friday which definitely woke me up. The track was so dusty and loose at the top and my tyres were drifting everywhere! But my main focus was getting the motorway section done, i ended up clearing them with no one towing me in on my last run down. (I think it's fair to say i overjumped the Tissot).

The Saturday was eventful with a slide out at the top I cut my lower arm which needed some tending to. But I was getting up to speed at the top but I still wasn't quite there. Unfortunately, I didn't get any full runs in that day.

The Sunday practice went well but on my full run there was maintenance on the Hazard Hoofer so I had to stop and wait 😕. I waited at the bottom for my seeding run and I headed up. I set off and I was on a good-un but coming down into the motorway section I hit the hole that had gotten significantly bigger since practice and was thrown off the front and torpedoed into the hip kicker 😢. I waited for everyone to come down and I rolled down. I had extended my cut on my forearm and scuffed my side and hurt my ribs. (Which hindered my race run)

My race run was definitely not easy... the wind had picked up and was almost blown off the boardwalk twice, and blown around all the way down into the deer gate. Then I managed to find some flow and came into the motorway. I went outside on the corner where I crashed just to be safe. Then pedalled down the MASSIVE jumps and came into the finish line where I was in the hot seat until pinner Yoav came down and I came away with a fourth place behind Dennis, Yoav and James!

Overall it was a good weekend but I would've been awesome to see if I could've done better if hadn't crashed in my seeding run!

Thanks to the NX2 Team and all my sponsors plus DMR for the prize money and most all to my parents for all there support.

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Photo Creds: Keith Valentine at  |  O'Neal
Words: Connor Smith


Photo Diary Captured by Simon Smith.

What an Absolutely awesome weekend for the NX2 Boys ay Fort Bill. Huge congratulations to Conner taking 4th and a Massive shout out to Mark Taylor taking 5th. Could not be happier for them both. 

Cheers Hutch. NX2 Team Boss. 


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