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Mudhugger Shorty, Stealth Riders -

Great Review from the guys over at Stealth Riders, Enjoy. You’re the same as me I reckon. You’re always looking for the latest upgrade to your bike that’ll make you radder than Danny Hart, gnarlier than Kurt Sorge or rowdier than Olly Wilkins. You spend hours researching the latest tech, suspension models, wide rims and weight saving options. However, something that is often overlooked is one of the things that keeps your eyes on the prize. Goggles or glasses are important, but what really matters is a top-notch mudguard to keep the mud, dog eggs and other trail terrors at...

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About Mudhugger -

We’ve been riding MTB since the late 80’s when the first mountain bikes came into the UK from the States and been loving it ever since. Back then we used it as a way of getting out in the mountains and keeping fit for our summertime climbing adventures, or when the weather was too wet to climb. Fast forward some thirty years and ignoring a few years in the wilderness spent on golf courses (don’t ask), we’re enjoying riding off-road more and more with each passing year. When dropper posts and good LED lights became available/affordable the style and type...

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BikeRadar, Mudhugger FR -

Almost total isolation from mud and water with this extra coverage guardHighs: Great coverage from mud and water at a decent price Lows: Not easy to switch between bikes, doesn't sync so well with certain fork designs Buy if: You want to keep your front end filth free without breaking the bankSkip to view deals for Front Race Like the name suggests, the Mudhugger hugs the contour of your front tyre, and thanks to a generously large overhang to the front and the rear of the guard, it manages to effectively contain mud and water spray at both high and...

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Mudhugger Shorty, Ride.IO -

In case you hadn’t noticed, Winter is here, and mudguards will go some way to making your rides more cheerful. We check out the Mudhugger front guard. Mudhugger are a British made brand producing a range of guards for the front and back end of bikes. Based in the West Midlands they became fed up with being soaked and filthy at the end of winter rides, a feeling we can emphasise with. They offer a full range of front and rear guards as well as extender sections to further improve coverage and protection. There are plenty of good mudguards out...

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Mudhugger’s new FR (Front Race) mudguard is slightly longer in the front than the standard Mudhugger model, so has greater protection at higher speeds. This is because the faster you go, the further mud gets thrown forward off the wheel, and you then ride into the spray. It fastens to the lower fork legs and brace with zip-ties, and is compatible with both 27.5in and 29in wheels, although we found there’s not a lot of clearance when running fatter winter tyres upwards of 2.25in. There are three slot positions, allowing you to rotate it forward on longer-travel forks. These slots...

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