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Mudhugger EVO review

Mudhugger EVO review
Rob Weaver's Gear of the Year 2020 - BikeRadar
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Rob Weaver’s Gear of the Year 2020

Rob's pick of bits and bikes from 2020

Rob Weavers pick of his best bikes, bits and biking from 2020By  December 30, 2020 at 3:00pm Despite what 2020 has thrown at us, I’ve still been lucky enough to get out and test loads of new bikes, plenty of fresh kit and a smattering of the latest components too. Having done this job for a number of years, it’s refreshing to see how many good products are available now. It’s rare we have to ride a bike that simply isn’t fit for purpose or hammer down a hill on a component that feels like it’ll fail at any second. No, these days, the majority of what you’ll find in the shops is decent stuff. But I’m not here to talk to you about the kit that merely gets on with its job well. I want to talk about my highlights from the past 12 months…                                                      Mudhugger EVO bolt-on mud guard Mudhugger EVO bolt on mud guard The EVO manages to stay firmly fixed in place when you wallop through big compression or clatter back down to earth with a heavy landing. Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media Price: £30 (+£4 for Ohlins/RockShox ZEB fitting kit) I’m all for a simple solution when it comes to keeping the mud out of my eyes, and the new Mudhugger EVO bolt-on mud guard is exactly that. You could argue that having to screw a mudguard into place isn’t as quick or as easy as using Velcro straps or cable ties, but once on, the EVO works well and the direct-mount clamp helps keep things looking nice, clean and tidy. I fitted mine to a RockShox ZEB fork (add £4 to cover the fitting kit required). I was a little concerned it would be a faff, but thankfully, the tight tolerances and shaping of the required parts meant the ZEB mounting-plate held snugly into the rear of the mudguard. Thus made lining up everything and threading the three anchoring bolts into the rear of the fork arch very straightforward. Unlike some longer mud guards, which slap your tyre as you wallop through big compression or clatter back down to earth with a heavy landing, the EVO stays firmly fixed in place. And I’ve still not heard it contact the front tyre, even when caked in mud. Most importantly though, it does a grand job of keeping mud out of my eyes while riding, which, let’s be honest, is the whole point here. It’s £34 well spent.
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