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Mudhugger Front Guard – Review RIDE.IO

Mudhugger Front Guard – Review RIDE.IO

In case you hadn’t noticed, Winter is here, and mudguards will go some way to making your rides more cheerful. We check out the Mudhugger front guard.

Mudhugger are a British made brand producing a range of guards for the front and back end of bikes. Based in the West Midlands they became fed up with being soaked and filthy at the end of winter rides, a feeling we can emphasise with. They offer a full range of front and rear guards as well as extender sections to further improve coverage and protection.

There are plenty of good mudguards out there that will all do a similar job, from the cut up chopping board to the MX style fender. The mudhugger front guard sits pretty much in the middle of this spectrum, offering more stiffness and coverage than the simplest guards without the bulk of larger ones. In the packet you also get a range of zip ties to secure the guard and some stickers.

Fitting the guard was dead easy, the slots cut into the plastic made it easy to get it sitting securely and centrally in the fork arch. Since we mounted it, it’s not budged despite some heavy use. In fact, the only movement it’s had has been to move it to try it on Pikes, Marzocchi 350s, Boxxers and Fox 40s. On all of the forks fitting was no bother at all. All of Mudhugger’s offerings are compatible across 26, 275 and 29 wheel sizes and

Coverage is great, with the long and relatively wide vertical sides offering your fork seals some respite from a winter’s battering, and the section that sits forward of the arch really helps cut down spray. Clearance has been fine even with tyres with a bit of bulk to them, a really clogged set of mud-kings just start to rub but at that stage you are probably more likely to get mud in your eyes from a faceplant.

Despite plenty of abuse the guard has remained stiff and in place, and at under £20 it’s a great bit of kit! It’s really telling that I went for a night ride earlier in the week and had forgotten to move it over from one of the other test bikes, and had a miserable time getting water and mud piled into my face. Make winter nicer, get a good guard.

Weight 64g

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