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SMALL rear Mudhugger (previously The 'Original')


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Ideal for most 26" hardtail and full suspension frames, along with 27.5" hardtail frames. The Small Rear Mudhugger is all but mandatory for those sloppy rides. Keep the mud off your back, stay dry and spend more time on the bike!



Choose your Rear Mughugger

Ideal for most 26" hardtail and full suspension frames, along with 27.5" hardtail frames.

The Small Rear Mudhugger is all but mandatory for those sloppy rides. Keep the mud off your back, stay dry and spend more time on the bike!

For seat stay angles above 32 degrees (this is mostly hardtails, but some Full Suss) the Small Rear Mudhugger is the probably the best choice (although for 29er bikes we’d still consider the Medium Rear Hugger and maybe trim the length down to suit). Full suspension examples with high seat stay angles include Cube, Trek, Boardman, Scott and Rocky Mountain.

The rear fender braces are designed to be custom-cut around cable stops/guides and other unique seatstay/swingarm shapes and features. Some frames have assymetrical stays, like found on EVIL bikes, and may not fit or will require extensive customization to fit. Call us before you cut! Modified fenders are usually non-refundable!

Kit includes fender, zipties, protective/non-slip tape and instructions.

Rear Fender Coverage

  • Ideal for 26" hardtail and full suspensionbikes and most 27.5" wheels on hardtail bikes.
  • Approx 560mm long.
  • Approx 100mm wide at the widest part.
  • Braces are approx 140mm long.
  • Compatible with our 100mm rear extender!

CALL US BEFORE YOU CUT! Modified fenders are typically non-refundable!

Weight approx 208g exc fittings.

Includes frame tape and 6 zipties.

Free UK shipping.

Initially designed to overcome the problem of fitting mudguards to a bike with a dropper seat post the Rear Mudhugger works well on all bikes, providing they have disc brakes.

However, attaching the Hugger to the seat stays also overcomes all of the problems normally associated with rear mudguards. They do not move out of line, get in the way getting on or off the bike, do not foul rear suspension travel, and are robust enough to take the rough and tumble of modern trail riding demands.

Developed during the wettest UK summer on record the Huggers have been praised by many of the major bike magazines for their simplicity and effectiveness in back to back tests with other mudguards. Whilst we’d be the first to admit we wouldn’t win any beauty competitions, once fitted to your bike you will hardly notice it’s there, and staying dryer and cleaner for longer means you can stay out on your bike for longer before retiring to the pub for a well earned pint

For those of you into your DH, enduro or endurance racing, being able to get out in all weather conditions, train hard and remain comfortable for much longer will undoubtedly pay dividends at the start of the race season.

Dear Guys

"After achieving the first step of my current goals and winning the British 24 Hour Solo MTB champs outright this weekend in Fort William, I just wanted to say a huge personal thank you for the fantastic products you make for us.

As an ultra-endurance competitor the performance of, and crucially, the reliability of kit is never more important and I have enjoyed Mudhuggers gear for a couple of years now and have never once regretted the choice. (We met briefly at Swinnerton Cycles Forest centre last summer on a very wet day when you came to pitch to owner Jack).

Over the last two years of intensive training getting me to this point I have put many thousands of hard miles and hundreds of long hours on my mudhugger kitted bikes, and the components have never let me down. I have ridden home clean and tidy in many a foul conditioned session. So thanks guys, and thanks to the rest of your team, you’re doing a great job."

Peter Nadin, 2015 British 24 hour Solo MTB Champ.

Mudhugger Mudguards : Testimonial

I ran these on my bikes last season and they are a game changer. We had a wet ride last night with numerous large puddles and my bum was clean and dry. I have waterproof shorts, but they don't breath well and are pretty warm. With the Mudhugger my regular riding shorts stay clean and dry no matter how much mud and water I ride through. I bought mine through the Canadian distributer and was lucky that someone from my town happened to be there so I avoided costly shipping. This year I was checking out their site and was directed to the .eu address. They now ship free worldwide. The mudguards ain't cheap, but they are the best in the world and the free shipping is great.

Cannot be fitted to bikes with cantilever style rim brakes.

See Video for how to fit your Rear Hugger


Please note to periodically check that zip ties are tight and that the heli tape is inspected and replaced before it wears out. This will cause damage to the frame underneath if neglected to be replaced.

Should you see signs of wear, please come back to us as we sell all the replacements needed!

Free shipping to the UK on orders over £15.

All our items are designed and made in the UK.

Find all our fitting instructions here.

If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact us.

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