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Rear GravelHugger Quick Fit Strap Pack


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Please take extra care when inserting the straps into the slots on the Rear GravelHugger. We have to make the slots as narrow as possible to prevent the Hugger moving around when in use on the trail. Use a waggling side to side motion to thread the straps through as using strong force to pull directly through is likely to result in a broken strap.

New improved Quick Fit straps, silicon back for more grip!

4 x Hook and Loop straps as a QR means to attach the Rear GravelHugger to your Gravel Bike.

Add to your basket with a Rear GravelHugger and get a 50% discount over stand alone price :)

Reusable straps - remove and fit your Rear GravelHugger in seconds, no tools required or zipties to replace or throw away :)

Length of strap is 210mm including D buckle. Cut to length once fitted to your bike

Maximum seat stay circumference - 100mm

Minimum seat stay circumference - 50mm

If unsure please measure the circumference of your seat stays where the Rear GravelHugger will sit.

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