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FRX QR Mudhugger (Quick Release)


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FRX QR comes with 2 x short and 4 x long hook and loop straps, use all 4 x straps on the fork legs with the FRX QR (also available to buy as a fitting kit separately).

Don't want to use plastic zipties? Then the FRX QR is the FRX for you.

Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled black polypropylene.

Post manufacture cnc milled slots allow reusable hook and loop straps to attach the FRX Hugger to the fork brace and legs, making fitting and removing a breeze, a real bonus if you have to transport your bike in the back of your car, or if you want to fit again after a dry spell without having to fish about for spare zipties :)

Please take extra care when inserting the straps into the slots on the FRX QR. We have to make the slots as narrow as possible to prevent the Hugger moving around when in use on the trail. Use a waggling side to side motion to thread the straps through as using strong force to pull directly through is likely to result in a broken strap.

PLEASE NOTE ***WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE VELCRO FITTING FOR DH OR ENDURO RACING*** for this type of extreme riding we'd still recommend using zipties.

FRX QR comes with 2 x short and 4 x long hook and loop straps, use all 4 x straps on the fork legs with the FRX QR(also available to buy as a fitting kit separately).

Fits: 26", 27.5", 27.5+" and 29" wheels with tyres up to 3 inches wide on a 'boost' fork.

Weight: Approx 78g

We recommend you check fork crown/brace clearance at full compression prior to installing. Some fork designs the crown can pass the fork brace at full compression which could cause the mudguard to break.

The FRX (Front Race) was designed with the help of World Cup and Enduro World Series riders who wanted mud and spray protection with zero faff. Weighing in at only 80g but measuring 450mm in length the FRX provides awesome mud/spray stopping performance without breaking the bank.

You will see (if you look closely enough, they are very stealthy once fitted) FRX Huggers in use at many Downhill and Enduro races around the world most weekends. From the likes of tomorrow’s champs in the Rippers category to 5 x World Champion Loic Bruni, along with team mate Finn Iles, 2016 Junior World Champ, who choose to run the FRX when the conditions require maximum mud protection.

With various holes for fitting to different fork braces the FRX Hugger is suitable for all wheel sizes, 26er, 650B and 29er wheel. It also works on Plus wheels with tyres up to 3 inches wide in a ‘Boost’ fork. For the ultimate protection on your bike add a front Hugger MAX extension.

General rule is that if you can get your index finger between the fork brace and top of the tyre there is enough clearance to fit to your bike.

If you wish to purchase a coloured decal for your FRX use this link here and choose your decal separately.


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