NEW 'MAX' Front Extender MK2

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Post fit extenders for the FRX and Shorty Mudhugger

New injection moulded production means price can be dropped to £6 each in p&p.

Simple to fit and can be removed when not needed.

Weight approx 16g.

Uses plastic pop rivets to fit, 4mm drill bit no longer needed for the FRX, but still needed to drill holes in your Shorty Mudhugger, (until Shorty X is available) to fit.

Font extender makes the back of the Hugger 105mm longer.

Ideal for using the Shorty on a 29er wheel or making the FRX Hugger a whopping 555mm long (we recommend using four zipties on the fork legs to prevent the Hugger moving) for when the trails have turned into a stream.


The rear extender is the only option for bikes with low seat stay angles which effectively make the Huggers shorter

The rear extender is 100mm long, and can easily be shortened with a pair of kitchen scissors if the full 100mm is not needed.

rear mudhugger extender

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