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FatHugger - 130mm wide x 510mm long Shipping to UK addresses ONLY


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Fatbikes are great fun to ride, however the amount of mud and spray they throw up off those fat tyres isn't. Designed for tyres up to 5 inches wide to keep the muck out of your face and eyes, whilst still following the tried and tested tyre hugging Mudhugger design.

FatHugger - 130mm wide x 510mm long

Sorry, we cannot ship this product outside of the UK.

Designed to fit most Bluto and rigid fatbike forks/tyre combo's. Basic rule of thumb for Bluto forks is, if you have 10mm clearance between the top of the tyre and the underside of the fork brace you can fit a FatHugger.

The same tyre on a different wheel can make a massive difference to the available clearance, so please check before ordering if not sure.

For rigid forks or Manitou Mastadon (or similar), just ignore the holes for the forkbrace and ziptie to the forklegs using the holes on the Hugger legs only. You can choose to fit it as close or as far away from the tyre as you like.

Designed and made in the UK.

How to fit a front FatHugger

Shows you how fit a Mudhugger FatHugger to your Bluto forks in a few minutes.FatHugger can be fitted to rigid forks too, but will need some extra holes drilled for fitting. Contact us on for more information. Updated for 2020, the MK3 FatHugger is same tried and tested shape apart from the reworked front edge, which is now cut straight, which makes any trimming needed much easier.

Please note FatHuggers come with a very thin clear plastic protective film which should be removed before installing on you bike.

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