Mudhugger spec 504's with stealth black frame

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Having used Rad8's glasses ourselves for the last 12 months and being so impressed with their performance, we contacted them and asked if they'd help us spec and design our very own Mudhugger version of their already popular 504's.

With an incredible 10%-80% photochromic range the lenses are light enough for night riding and yet darken to full sun glass opacity in sunny conditions.

The anti fog coating is the best we have ever used (and we've tried a lot, many twice the price) and we can attest to their performance in the toughest of conditions.

Mudhugger/Rad 8 Mountain Biking Glasses

  • Rad8 Photochromic lenses start clear and darken in sunlight, great for night riding and all year round riding
  • Durable R8clearview anti-fog coating keeps your vision clear even on slow speed ascents.
  • Robust full frame design provides a solid close fit for maximum protection from road and trail debris. 
  • Lightweight frame and lenses weighing 25g with a soft  nose bridge for all day comfort
  • Robust poly-carbonate lenses, resist damage and protect your vision
  • Replaceable lenses to keep you riding year in year out.
  • Clear vision and protection in all weather.

Cleaning and caring for your Rad8 MTBglasses

The most sensitive part of the Rad8 MTBglasses are the lenses.

The outer coating is antiscratch and the inner coating is anti-fog which is softer and the most important part of the MTB glasses so please treat this with respect and it will last a long time.

Best practice for cleaning your Rad8 MTBglasses

  1. Run the lenses under luke warm running water to remove the grit and grime
  2. In a bowl of luke warm soapy water wipe the lenses with a soft cloth
  3. Remove from the water and allow to air dry or dry with a soft lint free cloth.
  4. (Optional for hard water areas – if the lenses dry streaky it may be worth rinsing the lenses with filtered water before you leave the lenses to air dry.

Keep your Rad8 MTBglasses in their soft cloth case when possible and try to avoid wiping the grit off the lenses with your gloves when on the trail as this will scratch and erode the coating.

Prescription Lenses:

If you require prescription lenses follow this link to the Rad8 website where you can select the Mudhugger black frames as an option.

Please note your order will be fullfilled by Rad8, not Mudhugger.


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